Top Priority During Covid-19: Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Top Priority During Covid-19: Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the globe, consumers and businesses alike have faced unprecedented challenges that changed their lives forever. Businesses, in particular, have to make sacrifices just to stay afloat. Malls have closed, restaurants switched to contactless services, and many other adjustments had to be made just to survive the impact  Many businesses also had to close. Restaurants have completely abandoned the idea of getting their commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning, and other sites have left their establishments to the remnants of the coronavirus crisis. The challenges that came into the lives of many businesses do not end here.   The coronavirus has ushered in a new normal in our lives. In this article, we’d like to share our recommendations on the number one thing that you should prioritise during this crisis: commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. We hope you’ll find value in this content, especially if you are operating a restaurant or an establishment that uses commercial kitchen exhaust. Trust us, it is more important than you’d think.  

Challenges in the Time of Covid-19  

As previously mentioned, countless challenges emerged due to global coronavirus pandemic. Individual people and families were hard hit. Another sector that had to take the brunt of the impact was the local businesses that either had to give up their people or completely shut down. More businesses have filed for bankruptcy ever since the crisis started.   If your business is fortunate enough to still be generating income, then the last thing you need is another crisis that can potentially grind your business to a halt. One thing that you can control right now is making sure that your equipment and machines are properly maintained, specifically commercial kitchen exhausts. Here are the dangers of not doing so:  

Dangers of Neglecting Commercial Kitchen Exhausts 

Damaged Equipment and Machines 

The main reason why you should stay current with your commercial kitchen cleaning is to prevent grease and oil from damaging your equipment and machines. Left uncleaned for extended periods of time, the commercial kitchen exhaust fan will start to wear and tear as deposits build up on the blades. Instead of lasting for 15 or 20 years (as is the average lifespan of these exhausts,) they are likely to break down on you prematurely.  

Fire and Public Safety Hazard 

Additionally, uncleaned commercial kitchen exhausts are definite fire hazards. Though most commercial cooking stations come with fire suppression equipment nowadays, most exhaust systems that lead up to the fan on the roof are not. This is where most of the problem starts. The risk is even more amplified with improperly cleaned exhaust system equipment.  

Unhygienic Environment 

One of the main things that the coronavirus has taught us ithe importance of being clean. Regular sterilization and disinfection will save you a lot of hassle in the future. But aside from the extra headache, you’ll also keep the deadly virus at bay. The same goes for commercial kitchen exhausts since this is the point of contact between your establishment and the surface.  

How You Can Cope:  

Fortunately, not all hope is lost. There is a way to curb these dangers. Just like any crisis, you can prevent any further damage by taking strategic steps into managing your risks. Here are some tips that might help you: 

Prioritise Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning 

If you plan to be back in operation soon, then you better start calling up reliable cleaners to conduct a thorough commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. Even if you’re not currently operating right now, having your equipment cleaned is still a good idea to prevent the dangers listed above. 

Hire Professionals to Get the Job Done 

So, you have decided that you will have your commercial kitchen exhaust cleaned, what do you do next? Another thing that you should consider before you hop on to the phone and call the nearest commercial cleaners in your area is to do some research first. Make sure that the people you hire are the best out there. Check their history, read reviews about their services, and gauge their customer services from the get-go 

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