Why Install a Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System?

Why Install a Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System?

Grease and oil build-up starts in the metal kitchen grease filters before going through the hoods and ducts all the way to the roof. Usually, the greasy steam is trapped in the range hoods and ventilation units. These deposits cause foul smells, high maintenance costs, unhygienic food preparation environment, and even serious fire hazard.  Before anything goes wrong, you need to install a kitchen exhaust filtration system. Aside from getting the grease before it has the chance to enter the rest of the kitchen exhaust systems, installing these systems comes with a number of benefits.   Read on to find out why you need to have these systems installed in your kitchen. 

Fire Prevention 

Have you seen a kitchen on fire? It may be caused by grease build-up.  When you leave your kitchen’s ventilation system dirty, the grease vapour from cooking collects in the ductwork and exhaust hood. Due to high temperatures, the grease buildup ignites and causes fire to spread throughout the ventilation system.  Of course, you can easily empty grease containers and practice proper disposal techniques, but those are surely not enough. To keep you completely safe, you must consider hiring commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Sydney. If you pair it with a filtration system that can collect 98% of grease, you will be able to prevent a fire from destroying what you worked hard to build. 

Better Air Flow and Reduced Electric Bill 

Have you ever wondered why your electric bill has gotten unbelievably high? Take a look at your kitchen equipment. Do you see grease trapped in ducts? If you do not properly maintain your system, it has to work harder than usual to get the job done. This results in excessive consumption of electricity.  When you install a kitchen exhaust system in Sydney, you will no longer notice any trapped grease or oils building up. The entire system will have a better airflow, leading to a more efficient kitchen space and a dramatically lower power bill. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality 

Perhaps the most important reason why you should install a kitchen exhaust filtration system is that it improves the air quality in your kitchen. These systems are specially designed to remove odours, smoke, grease, and other pollutants released into the air while cooking. They assist in reducing particle load.  Kitchens dump a lot of indoor air contaminants into your space. Without a filtration system, you will find yourselves breathing its aftermath. This can cause possible eye, nose, and throat irritations.  On top of that, studies have shown that using the stove without turning on the filtration system can result in elevated levels of carbon monoxide in the kitchen. That’s why you must install kitchen exhaust systems in Sydney to help you prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. You can improve the efficiency of the system even more by cooking on the back burner.  


Cooking generates a lot of heat, which makes the kitchen quite uncomfortable. If you have advanced filtration systems in your kitchen, excess heat and steam will be removed and the effects of unpleasant odours and stuffiness will be reduced. They help create a clean, comfortable kitchen environment .  The absence of  an overheated cooking area and foul smells will definitely give you the freedom to be creative in your cooking style without any worry. You will be more eager to dive into your favourite recipes while your family enjoys the small pleasures in life. 

Increased Property Value 

Thinking of selling your property?  In today’s real estate market, buyers expect to see filtration systems in every kitchen. If you don’t have one, you’re certainly not improving the resale value of your property. People have come to expect these systems. So, if you haven’t installed one yet, it may deter people from buying your property.  Moreover, venting about your current systems that need an upgrade does not help in adding value to your property. Instead, you are delaying your success.  If you want to sell your property and you don’t have an exhaust filtration system in your kitchen, then you may want to consider looking for companies that could install one before you start putting up the lease sign. 

Make Smart Choices by Installing the Best Exhaust Filtration System in Your Kitchen! 

Taking into consideration all the previously mentioned facts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install a kitchen exhaust filtration system. It comes with several benefits that protect you and your family’s health and provide a comfortable environment. If you consider the invaluable perks of having filtration systems in your kitchen, consult with our contractors today.  At Power Up Enterprises, we tailor sustainable solutions to suit your requirements. We also offer commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Sydney to help you maintain your systems and keep them efficiently working.   Contact us and we’ll respond to your needs in a flash. To learn more about the importance of installing kitchen exhaust purification systems, feel free to head on over our website.