Shepherd Filters

Shepherd Filters

Different kitchen types produce varying amounts of grease, smoke, moisture, and odour. Even worse is that cooking results that are dangerous to health. Although many kitchen exhaust technologies are available, making a choice should be done carefully as each comes with its pros and cons that may affect cost and performance.

One of the best grease filter cleaning technologies we recommend for your kitchen exhaust is our Shepherd Grease Filters.

Our Shepherd Grease Filters

Get an effective grease management system for your kitchen exhaust with Shepherd Filters. Shepherd Filters work better than traditional baffle and honeycomb designs, trapping up to 98 percent of airborne grease before it reaches the exhaust system of your kitchen. They minimize the requirement for expensive filters and kitchen duct cleaning.

Shepherd Filters offer sustainable wool filters that are fire retardant; to trap grease before it enters the hood filters, lowering the risk of fire. With Shepherd Filters, your savings will be more as compared to that with most honeycomb and baffle grease filters as your cleaning costs would be lower.

Power Up Enterprises offers superior quality Shepherd Filters for your kitchen that would keep your kitchen cleaner and reduce the risk of fire. To know more about this product, reach out to us. Call 0406756292 or send an email to