Duct / Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Duct / Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Duct / Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning in Sydney

Kitchens should always remain stellar clean since these are the places where we make and cook our food. Aussies have always shared a common interest in food. That being said, a kitchen is one of the most important places in every Aussie beanery. More than anything, these areas of our homes and properties pose serious health and fire hazards when left unattended.

Often, people assume that a clean canopy or hood is already enough, but in reality, it never is. A proper kitchen exhaust cleaning in Sydney goes beyond what the eyes can see, such as clean ventilation and systems, sterilization, and disinfection method. Many kitchen filter cleaning services understand this need, so should you.

Benefits of a Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Cooking produces a number of compounds such as grease, moisture, and smoke. To understand the science of kitchen ventilation is necessary, but more than that, keeping a cleaner and safer kitchen hood is important. Having a clean duct improves your workflow and safety.

Here are some benefits you’ll reap from a clean kitchen hood:

1. Creates a Clean Working Environment
While cleaning your duct ensures better health safety measure, it also guarantees a better working environment for you and your staff.

2. Reduces Fire Risk
Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system at regular intervals will ensure a germ-free and safe environment for cooking. It minimises the risks of bacteria, mould, grease and mildew build-up that will potentially ignite a fire or ruin your food safety certificate.

Routine Clean-up

Some would actually tell you, hiring a professional cleaner will cost a lot – it might hurt your pocket, but truth be told, having a professional regularly clean your ducts is rather cost-saving than doing things on your own.

A routine commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning in Sydney might be necessary depending on the type of establishment or volume of cooking.

Monthly – 24-hour restaurants, and charcoal-burning stoves
Quarterly – High to average volumes of cooking
Semi-Annually – Slow cook restaurants
Annually – low volume cooking and seasonal restaurants

Power Up Enterprises, Powering Up Your Kitchen

Need to hire professionals for duct, mould removal or kitchen hood cleaning in Sydney? Don’t look further than Power Up Enterprises.
We have a vast wealth of experience in providing the most comprehensive, cost-efficient and highly effective duct or kitchen hood cleaning service to both commercial and residential establishments.

At Power Up Enterprises, we provide a comprehensive kitchen duct cleaning in Sydney. We effectively clean everything – from the hood to the fan on the roof. We pay special attention to every minute detail and properly wash the fans, hoods, grease cups, filters, access panels, pipes, nozzles, and fire suppression links. Our team makes sure the entire ductwork and components of the exhaust system are meticulously cleaned for fire prevention post kitchen exhaust cleaning in Sydney.

Our fully-trained, insured and experienced team of kitchen hood cleaners use high-end equipment, latest tools, best cleaning techniques, and high safety standards to deliver the best possible results on time and within your budget.

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