Understanding How UVGI Works

For quite some time, plenty of hospitals have been using UVGI...

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Sterilization and Disinfection: What’s the Difference?

To the layman, the terms sterilization and disinfection might mean the same thing. You might...

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Top Priority During Covid-19: Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit the globe, consumers and businesses alike have...

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Why Install a Kitchen Exhaust Filtration System?

Grease and oil build-up starts in the metal kitchen grease filters...

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How to Choose a Trusted Commercial Cleaning Service

It takes a lot to run a business – going to...

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Buying Air Filter for HVAC System

We offer a wide range of filters to suit almost every...

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6 Reasons you should Choose Shepherd Filters for Kitchens

Shepherd filters can greatly help to keep kitchen exhaust systems clean....

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