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6 Reasons you should Choose Shepherd Filters for Kitchens

Shepherd filters can greatly help to keep kitchen exhaust systems clean. They can keep the exhausts and ducts clean at restaurants and cafes, reducing your efforts for cleaning. Shepherd filters come with several remarkable benefits, some of which are listed below:

    • Protection from Fire

Shepherd filters trap the grease prior to it entering your exhaust system, lowering the build-up of grease and risk of fire. Wool is a fire-retardant, environmentally biodegradable, and natural material. In case alternative filters are used in a kitchen, grease will reach the duct, hood, and exhaust, and an extensive exhaust cleaning would be needed in the whole canopy for reducing fire risk.

    • Savings on Money

Since the canopy filters prevent up to 98% of airborne grease from reaching the hood exhaust system of the kitchen, labour costs for cleaning are substantially reduced and kitchen exhaust fans will perform as originally specified.

    • Water Savings

The amount of water and chemicals used is greatly reduced by reducing the frequency of hood and filter cleaning.

    • Sustainability

Cleaner rooftop fans, hood, HVAC, kitchen exhaust system, and other types of rooftop equipment help you save energy.  This leads to more efficient equipment operation and lower maintenance. Besides, wool is renewable.

    • Environmental Friendly

Shepherd filters are prepared with 100% wool. The filter material is carbon-neutral, which will be breaking down in landfill.

    • Ease of installation

Besides these advantages, Shepherd filters also offer ease of installation. So, it’s smart to go for these filters and facilitate a cleaner kitchen