Kitchen Exhaust Purification System

Kitchen Exhaust Purification System

Looking for a reputed and reliable supplier of kitchen exhaust purification system? Power Up Enterprises is here to help.

During the preparation of meals, lots of greases and oils are involved. Greasy steam is produced, which is then trapped in kitchen exhaust hoods and ventilation units. These grease deposits are primary causes of the following problems:

  • Dangerous fire
  • Recurring cleaning costs
  • Foul smells
  • Unhygienic food preparation environment
  • High maintenance costs due to grease covering many parts, such as motors, valves, and fans

The accumulation of grease and other indoor pollutants also affect the cooking environment of a commercial  kitchen. Untreated fat, oil, and grease (FOG) discharge in commercial kitchens can even lead to serious health hazards.

The Need for an Efficient Kitchen Exhaust System in Sydney

At Power Up Enterprises, we offer a high-quality and technologically advanced smoke exhaust and fume purification system. The technologically advanced kitchen exhaust filtration system helps in microbial control to keep your kitchen and the surrounding areas healthier and cleaner. The tried and tested product is technologically geared to trap airborne grease, reduce cooking odours and smoke, and has an air purification efficiency rate of 99.9%.

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